Science Fiction

A Longer Explanation

So. Why am I subjecting you to my total inability to draw?  Because I need to, I guess. That’s the best, and only answer I have. I know I can’t draw, but I am banking on getting at least a little better as I go along. I can write. I can write circles around most cats and that is the problem. I got too far out.

As most of you know, since most of you that will actually read this know me, my friend Adam Rosenlund and I are doing our utmost to create the best comics we can and too get those comics published. So I write a lot, and write fast. At this point no matter what series Adam and I begin I am six months ahead. And that is wearing on me, it’s hard to have scripts sitting and waiting to be transformed, it’s hard to have written stories that aren’t ready to be told. So I needed something immediate, something that could fly straight from concept to product. Enter webcomics.

And other than that Ruinship is a guarantee that I will spend some portion of my day, every day, working on comics. With a day job that drains the life out me, sometimes all I want to do when I get home is lose myself in a book or a video game, and this way I can make sure I won’t turn to random escape, but to comics.

So this is me, in it alone (with a substantial amount of help and advice from Adam) making sure I never stop, and getting something out there.

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